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Welcome to Mahurangi Kindergarten

Mahurangi is the shortened version of the Maori phrase, ‘Mahu hu ki te rangi”, which translates to, “The rock that points to the sky.”

While literally referring to a landmark in the area, we have taken this meaning and made it into an inspiration for our kindergarten.

We are here to help your child to fly, to “reach for the sky”. Like our name suggests, the sky really is the limit. Together with you, the parents, we can make your child’s journey at Mahurangi Kindergarten the first step on the road to a lifelong love of learning.

Our Philosophy

Being present in the moment

We have a values-based philosophy that includes beauty, joy, respect and compassion. In addition, mindfulness has become a part of the routine and ritual of each day. Children are encouraged to be present in each moment – stopping to notice feelings, sounds, smells and other sensory sensations.